Career Trance

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Pricing and Ordering

School Counseling:

School counseling is renowned in international location, we bring this concept in India to cultivate and nurture Indian talent for future.

  • Guide students to make career decisions
  • Be aware of career options in science, commerce and arts.
  • Provide detailed information on various careers to students on demand.
  • Tests- Aptitude – Interest – Personality
  • Interpret the results Career Assessment test.
  • Provide counselling to students.
School Package: 100 INR Per Student (English), 50 INR Per Student (Regional)

School Package: 10 Students Batch for 900/- INR (English), 450/- INR (Regional)

College Counseling:

College counselling is really important for Indian youth, As per our research most of youth don’t believe in dream and rest dream about future but don’t know how to achieve. Is your dream is good for your career!!!

Our expert will support you in your career and help you to achieve you CAREER DREAM.

  • Aptitude, Interest and Personality Tests
  • Career Cell
  • Career Information
  • Personality Development Workshops
  • Career Talks
  • Job Ready Workshops
  • Study Abroad Counseling
  • Job Search Support for Recent Graduates
College Package: 300 INR Per Student

College Package: 10 Students Batch for 2500/- INR

Corporate Counseling:

Professional counselling is increasingly being used to support and sustain an effective and motivated workforce.

We understand the needs of both organizations and staff working in a rushed environment. Our efficient organizational structure means that we are able to cut out many of the high costs of your company and can create a great work place environment.

An integrated counselling programme will help:
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve workforce morale
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase staff motivation and productivity
  • Develop a flexible and empowered workforce
  • Develop new skills and coping strategies to deal with issues
  • Control employee health and increase motivation
  • Create a harmonious relation between employer and employee
How many hours will my staff need?

We recommend 18 hours. A surprisingly large number of personal and work problems can be resolved, or helped significantly, in 18 hours. We think that it is important that you know in advance the maximum size of your cost commitment.

I can see that my staff would be pleased for the company to pay for counselling, but how does it help the company?

Stress at work is a serious problem for many employers. The pressure of business demands, and accompanying pressure on employees, seems to increase all the time. This stress is directly impact efficiency and output of your employees and organization. Equally, problems they have at home are probably not your fault, but these problems can seriously affect your productivity.

New trend of employers thought that a small amount of money, targeted plan at a problem, can save large losses in the future. We are saying a small investment in counselling could keep key employee working and functioning properly. For many companies human resource is the most valuable asset.

Corporate Package: 1200 INR Per Professional

Corporate Package: Batch Discount for 5 at 5000/- INR

Corporate Package: Batch Discount for 10 at 9000/- INR

Parents Counseling:

Career selection is becoming more and more complex in the modern world. In this competitive world and born of new technologies give newer choices every day, there is more confusion than excitement. In this scenario students are crazily move towards new and exciting career. Parents are forced them to follow old method which create a huge gap between parents and students. We are come-up with unique counseling method to visualize parents their child’s future.

  • Are you aware of the new careers? Do you take the trouble to periodically update yourself about current and future career growth?
  • Are you aware that some of the traditional careers that were very poorly paid in the past, have now become lucrative and very rewarding financially?
  • Are you facing trouble to speak to people in different careers options and find out how each field is doing and the changes & challenges are taking place?
  • Are you wanting your child to follow in your footsteps and take up your career, so that he can succeed you? OR you want to give your child a new and exciting career where they want to go.
  • Are you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your child, and are you in a position to match them to the requirements to his/her prospective future?

If you can truthfully inspect and answer these questions to yourself, then you know that you are in a position to guide your child or you need us to support you.

Parents Package: 1000/- INR Per Child for 1 months

Parents Package: Batch Discount for group of 3 at 2500/- INR